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Soil health & remediation

Legacy BioSolutions has an extensive background in agriculture and related disciplines involving botany and soil biology. Current research includes potential solutions for nutrient laden farm runoff causing serious pollution issues in waters like the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Contact Legacy BioSolutions to discuss soil quality issues from the perspective of crop consultant, grower, environmental, manure management, hazardous waste, oil spills and related issues. 

Legacy FOUNDATION Soil & Plant ProBiotic does its work in the rhizosphere, where soil and plant interface.

Plant health

Legacy BioSolutions has affordable natural products shown to improve germination and help new plants get started with healthy, vigorous growth.


The earliest stages of plant growth are foundational to long term results. Outcomes including crop quality, yield, and reduced need for chemical interventions can be greatly affected at these critical early stages.

Our solutions are all natural, and widely used by organic growers of all scales and a broad range of crops.

Contact Legacy BioSolutions for product availability near you.

Legacy FOUNDATION can be applied to soil or as a foliar spray directly onto plants at any stage of the growth cycle.

Water quality issues

Legacy BioSolutions works in conjunction with engineers, consultants and others with special expertise to help form a comprehensive water quality solution by adding the biological component to the program. 

Project scale is not an issue. Legacy support on water quality projects includes international work, and initiatives in conjunction with manufacturers of various kinds of equipment used in water treatment. 

Legacy CLEAR Water Quality ProBiotic is effective used by itself. It can be even more effective when used with bottom aeration, diagramed above.

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