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The Legacy BioSolutions Approach

Technology a lifetime in the making, created by a combination

of results-driven science and a keen respect for nature.

Our core principles center around respect for the creation that has been given to us, along with the conviction that nature knows how to harness its own solutions given the chance.

The naturally occurring organisms, including soil bacteria, fungi and more, hold the key to remediating many of the challenges faced today. Our focus is on some of the most fundamental yet highly complex interactions that happen at the microscopic level in soil, water and in plants. 

We do not alter the genetics of the organisms we harness to do work. Instead, Legacy technologies, whether in existing product form, or brought to bear on specific remedial situations through our consulting services, are natural solutions in concentrated form as needed for speed and efficacy.

For decades now, a quiet and unassuming microbiologist from India has been researching, finding and helping companies around the world provide answers to environmental and other challenges using naturally occurring microbes isolated from soil, unusual water sources and elsewhere.

Science has barely scratched the surface when it comes to discovering the power and the potential to be had by working in harmony with nature and not against it. We also know that science has only just begun discovering the beneficial microbiological life forms already here in abundance. We believe it is to everyone's advantage to work in harmony with nature and not attempt to subdue or alter it.

Innovation from

Nature's Own Laboratory



Legacy FOUNDATION™ can be applied as a root drench, soil inoculant, or foliar spray.

Legacy FOUNDATION™ quickly revitalizes dead soils, restores 

biome-based fertility.

Legacy CLEAR™ works wonders to clear ponds, lakes from algae, muck and other conditions.

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